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**This is the PC-VR XR version. Requires a VR-ready computer**

3D Organon is a leading multi-award winning platform on medical XR and healthcare education and training. It presents an all-in-one solution where users can access Anatomy, XR Medical Imaging, Medverse, Ultrasound and Quiz functionalities seamlessly.

License type: 12 month subscription

3D Organon is the leading medical XR and healthcare platform. It transforms healthcare education, providing an immersive exploration into the complexities of the human body.

3D Organon goes beyond traditional anatomy apps by offering a diverse range of features, all-in-one platform. From Anatomy exploration to XR Medical Imaging, Ultrasound simulation, Medverse, and interactive Quizzes, users have access to a comprehensive suite of tools for learning and practicing medical knowledge.

With lifelike models, upmarket technologies, interactive tools, immersive environments, and a multilingual knowledge base, 3D Organon revolutionizes the way medical education is approached, bridging the gap between theory and application.

What sets 3D Organon apart is its extensive knowledge base of anatomical definitions, aligned with the official Terminologia Anatomica. This ensures accuracy and precision in learning anatomical terminology.

Trusted by over 500 prestigious institutions and recognized by industry leaders such as HTC's Cher Wang and Meta's Mark Zuckerberg, 3D Organon's innovations have been featured in keynotes and highlighted by leading publications. It offers a plethora of lifelike anatomy models within immersive environments, along with an extensive knowledge base of anatomical definitions translated into 16 languages.

Introducing the Medverse: A Paradigm Shift in Medical Education

The 3D Organon Medverse is a game changer in medical education. This cutting-edge feature facilitates multi-user online training sessions hosted by educators and institutions.

The 3D Organon Medverse is more than just a virtual classroom. It's a dynamic learning environment where users can visualize and explore anatomy like never before. By integrating advanced teaching tools, 3D Organon empowers educators and healthcare professionals to enhance their curriculum and provide immersive learning experiences.

In the Medverse, the future of medical education is here. Explore, learn, and collaborate in a virtual space where the boundaries of traditional learning are transcended, and the possibilities are limitless. Experience the 3D Organon Medverse and revolutionize the way you learn and teach.


Who is 3D Organon Anatomy for?

3D Organon Anatomy is tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals across the medical and healthcare spectrum. From aspiring medical and allied-health students to patients, artists, and curious minds, this innovative platform caters to a wide range of users.

Designed to simplify complex medical concepts, 3D Organon offers accessible and intuitive tools that benefit medical professionals. Whether you're studying for the first time or seeking to deepen your understanding of medical and healthcare concepts, 3D Organon provides accurate visual and textual information in an easy-to-navigate format.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, 3D Organon upholds the highest standards of medical and scientific accuracy. Authored by a team of qualified anatomy professors and medical professionals, the platform delivers authoritative anatomical definitions, clinical anatomy quizzes, and insightful clinical correlations.

Experience the power of 3D Organon and embark on a journey of discovery in medical and healthcare education.


Key highlights

*****Blazing Performance: Enjoy lightning-fast app performance, allowing for seamless navigation and exploration of the intricacies of human anatomy.

*****Redesigned UI: Immerse yourself in a sleek and intuitive user interface, tailored to enhance your learning experience and streamline workflow.

*****Revolutionary Organ Mapping: Gain unprecedented insights into anatomical structures with the innovative Organ Mapping feature, elevating your understanding to new heights. With detailed mapping of organs, brain, bones, and muscle origin & insertions..

*****Explosion Tool: Uncover hidden structures, dissect complex systems, and deepen your comprehension with just a click, thanks to the newly introduced Explosion Tool.

****XR Medical Imaging: Seamlessly integrate DICOM images into your lessons, allowing you to visualize anatomical structures in a clinical context. This integration enhances your understanding and effectively bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

*****Explore 15 human body systems with over 14,000 realistic anatomical structures

*****Explore 15 detailed microscopic anatomy models comprising 1,000s micro anatomy structures in 3D

*****Body actions module with over 550 animations of muscles and organs

*****Medverse:Multi-user cross-platform module

*****Hundreds of interactive, USMLE-style clinically oriented questions suitable for formative assessment

*****Hundreds of cadaveric images

*****X-ray mode when fading single or multiple structures

*****Available in English, Latin (terminology), Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish, Thai, Greek (UI), Dutch

*****Combine any two languages simultaneously

*****Demonstrate anatomy to discuss with students, colleagues, and patients

*****Easily understand the spatial relationships between anatomical structures

*****Learn, teach, and assess anatomy with the latest technology advancements

*****Scale-up and reposition 3D models for an enlarged view of any small object

*****Accurate anatomical terminology and definitions

*****Anatomy models blueprinted and supervised by medical professionals with precision and aesthetics

*****System-based anatomy module

*****Topographic anatomy module

*****Regional anatomy module

*****Slicing tool for dissecting the model in real-time

*****Diagram tool for illustrating the full mapping of body systems and their structure classifications

*****Bone spurs tool for osteophytes assignment on bones and articular surfaces

*****Tumor growth tool for demonstrating malignancy development and spreading on tissues and organs

*****Pain effect for realizing pain points or regions on 3D models

*****Save your models in Favorites for quick access

*****Built-in video recorder

*****Live search tool

*****Real-time switching between male and female models

*****Separate male and female skeletal systems for accuracy in pelvic anatomy

*****Addition/subtraction buttons for displaying muscles into layers, from deep to superficial

*****Discover Lock mode — a powerful tool enabling you to operate on user-defined structures and body systems

*****Quick switching between multiple saved scenes

*****Single- and Multi-select modes


Human body systems in the Subscription access (15 systems)

*Skeletal (male/female)










*Endocrine (male/female)

*Urinary (male/female)

*Reproductive (male/female)

*Sensory organs

*Integumentary/skin (male/female)


Microscopic anatomy models

*Blood vessels and capillary bed

*Bone cross-section

*Bronchial tree

*Cranial nerve nuclei

*Ear (external, middle, inner)


*Liver lobule

*Lymph node


*Peripheral nerve

*Skeletal muscle fiber


*Small intestine



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