3D Organon XR | Standard


**This is the standalone XR version for Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 3,Oculus Quest 2, VIVE FOCUS 3, VIVE XR Elite, Pico Neo 3 Pro & Pico 4 Enterprise **

3D Organon XR is an interactive human anatomy application featuring all 15 body systems. You can now learn and teach anatomy with over 14,000 realistic anatomical models/structures sided with quality definitions per body structure and over 1,000 detailed micro anatomy structures. Explore the human body like never before with 3D Organon multi-award winning and revolutionary medical apps! Close up visualization of any anatomical structure is now an amazingly immersive experience. Appreciate the spatial relationships between anatomical structures and collaborate online in virtual rooms to accelerate learning.

License type: 12 month subscription


3D Organon is a multi-award winning self-discovery experience into the human body. You can now visualize the skeletal system, muscles, vessels, nerves, and other organs in 3D. Delve into the human models and see what you are made of. The app features an extensive knowledge-base of anatomical definitions with terminology based on the official Terminologia Anatomica.

The Guest mode access in the app is free for everyone and includes all 3D models of the male and female skeletal systems and connective tissues. The animations of joints and bones in the human ‘Actions’ module is also included. A subscription license grants full access to all body systems, microscopic anatomy, body actions, bone mapping, and many more features and functions.

3D Organon is used by hundreds of leading universities and hospitals worldwide. It’s been recommended by leading publications reporting on the future of science, education, and medicine, such as Huffington Post, Scimex, SBS, Futurism, and many others. The virtual reality version of 3D Organon has been featured in the keynote speeches by Cher Wang, the chairwoman of HTC, in MWC and by Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, in the OC3 conference.

Its educational advantages include gamification of learning, owing to the fact that students find the experience stimulating, engaging, and entertaining.

The 3D models in 3D Organon can add important cognitive input which enhances the in-depth understanding of key anatomical concepts and retention of knowledge.

Who is 3D Organon for?

The app is designed to suit a wide range of individuals from medical and allied-health students to patients, artists, and curious minds. It helps students grasp the challenging subject of anatomy, but it is also easily understood by laypeople without a medical background.

The application delivers accurate visual and textual information, immediate response time and intuitive navigation. It satisfies the highest standards of medical and scientific accuracy. A qualified team of anatomy professors and medical professionals are the authors of the anatomical definitions, and clinical correlations in 3D Organon.

Key highlights

*****Unique stereoscopic presentation of 3D anatomy in an immersive environment

*****Explore 15 human body systems with over 14,000 realistic anatomical structures

*****Explore 15 detailed microscopic anatomy models comprising 1,000s micro anatomy structures in 3D

*****Body actions module with over 550 animations of muscles and organs

*****Sectioning Tool

*****New Futuristic Environments

*****Multi-user cross-platform module for up to 200 concurrent users

*****Detailed mapping of bone surfaces, borders, parts, and landmarks

*****X-ray mode when fading single or multiple structures

*****Available in English, Latin (terminology), Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish, Thai, Dutch, Greek (UI)

*****Combine any two languages simultaneously

*****Demonstrate anatomy to discuss with students, colleagues, and patients

*****Easily understand the spatial relationships between anatomical structures

*****Learn, teach, and assess anatomy with the latest technology advancements

*****Scale-up and reposition 3D models for an enlarged view of any small object

*****Accurate anatomical terminology and definitions

*****Anatomy models blueprinted and supervised by medical professionals with precision and aesthetics

*****System-based anatomy module

*****Regional anatomy module

*****Bone spurs tool for osteophytes assignment on bones and articular surfaces

*****Tumor growth tool for demonstrating malignancy development and spreading on tissues and organs

*****Pain effect for realizing pain points or regions on 3D models

*****3D painting

*****Save your models in Favorites for quick access

*****Switch among four different environments (tutorial room, black, white)

*****Vertical and horizontal rotation, panning, scaling of 3D models

*****Real-time switching between male and female models

*****Separate male and female skeletal systems for accuracy in pelvic anatomy

*****Addition/subtraction buttons for displaying muscles into layers, from deep to superficial

*****Discover Lock mode — a powerful tool enabling you to operate on predefined Regional scenes by subtracting selected body systems

Human body systems in the Subscription access (15 systems)

*Skeletal (male/female)
*Endocrine (male/female)
*Urinary (male/female)
*Reproductive (male/female)
*Sensory organs
*Integumentary/skin (male/female)

Microscopic anatomy models

*Blood vessels and capillary bed
*Bone cross-section
*Bronchial tree
*Cranial nerve nuclei
*Ear (external, middle, inner)
*Liver lobule
*Lymph node
*Peripheral nerve
*Skeletal muscle fiber
*Small intestine

*The Standard version lacks the interactive quiz mode, cadaveric photos, and the option to build a virtual room.

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